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We’re nominated for: EY Start-up Entrepreneur of the Year 2022

We're nominated for: EY Start-Up Entrepreneur of the Year 2022

We have been #Nominated for EY Start-Up Entrepreneur of the year 2022. 

First of its kind

Our journey has been short, but we’ve accomplished quite a lot. It’s not long ago, we announced the DMD4000 and its well known technologies. It’s also room-certified and the first of its kind. We’ve developed it further to improve its potential and its use for newer projects.

Exceptional disinfection

  • Evidence based disinfection

  • 99,9999% of pathogens eliminated with H2O2

  • Consistency and autonomous

  • The first of its kind

  • Danish Innovation

The future endeavors

We also have new and innovative ideas in store, so it’s just about following us in that journey and find out.

Many thanks to EY and Danske Bank for the Nomination in the Category: EY Entrepreneur of the year 2022 in the category Startup/Scaleup.

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