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Christmas Robot

Self-Propelled Christmas Tree

From today you can experience the self-propelled Christmas tree in Rosengårdcentret. The
robot will wish you a Merry Christmas and send a kindly reminder about
using hand sanitizer. A kind of “nudging”!

You can also try to sing the song written on the Christmas tree

Rosengårdcentret has implemented probably one of Denmark’s (perhaps the world ??) most
advanced and beautiful dispensers to remind people to disinfect their
hands. It is a fun and value creating combination of nudging and modern

Autonomous Units has been responsible for the implementation of the robot. We think it’s ingenious Good job Flemming Kjær Thinggaard and Søren Krone

Big thanks to Rosengårdcentret. Morten Blomstrøm , Casper Bach Andersen and Anne Hedelund.

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