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Karsten Thinggaard Appointed CEO

Welcome to appointed CEO Karsten Thinggaard

Karsten Thinggaard is raised on Funen, that is known for the successful Odense Robotics Cluster, and has a Master of Science in business administration from University of Southern Denmark in Odense.
He has had a long career in various management positions within Danish family own international industry Group Danfoss, which has among other things brought him extensive experience from travelling and working in countries like USA, Canada, Switzerland, Sweden, India and China. Lately, Thinggaard has been heading the strategy agenda within danish family owned automotive supplier TAJCO group. 

”I am thrilled to accept this unique opportunity to become part of Autonomous Units interesting journey, which is an assignment, I am approaching with a good sense of humility as well as ambitions for what we can accomplish together. We are founding our solutions on the proud technology and traditions of the Odense Robotics Cluster and we combine this with passion for making the world post COVID-19 a better place” say Karsten Thinggaard and continues:

“We have all experienced how COVID-19, and not the least the many restrictions, have influenced our everyday life significantly. The human as well as the financial implications has been enormous and when the dust settles, we would all want for this never to happen again. Prevention saves lives and is much cheaper and more effective that all reactive measures. It is our vision in Autonomous Units to make our contribution to a world in which prevention enables us to enjoy the freedom we all desire”. 

The companies founder and now CTO (Chief Technology Officer) Flemming Thinggaard says: “I am known for a long time, that we need to to strengthen the commercial part of our leadership team. Karsten has a broad profile, major international experience and network, which can drive the strategic direction for Autonomous Units growth journey.”  laughs Flemming.  

The company has a strong commercial profile lined up to complete the management team, however cannot reveal yet who is about to land this exciting position in the business with the great ambitions. 

Facts about Autonomous Units 
Founded: 2020 by Flemming Thinggaard  

Location: Langeskov, East of Odense, Denmark. 

Membership: Odense Robotics etc 

Current Market: Robot solutions, incl. Desinfektions robot 

Solution: the fully autonomous Robot DMD4000 uses a mixture of welknown and patent pending technologies to disinfect all surfaces as wel as the air in a room – walls, tables, chairs, hide-outs and corners, toilets etc while leaving no trace. The solutions secures that all bacteria and vira are very effectively eliminated.   

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Collaboration with HF & VUC Fyn

Our goal is to ensure that we develop our product with user interaction in focus.

At Autonomous Units, our goal is to ensure that we develop our product with user interaction in focus. That is why we always say YES, when the opportunity arises to develop our product on site. We got the opportunity to “move in” to HF & VUC Fyn’s spectacular and nice domicile on Kottesgade.

HF & VUC Fyn Odense moved into Kottesgade 6 in 2013, and since then several thousand students have had their daily studies here. In 2020, Corona unfortunately moved in all over the world, and here at HF & VUC Fyn, the students then had to study from home. As the opening day again approached, the fear about infection spreading among staff and students followed. A local test center was installed at the school, where several hundred students and staff from the nearby schools had to be tested daily. We all know that, with a larger population comes bigger risk of bacterial and virus-spread. That is why DMD4000 moved in as well.

Our disinfection robot DMD4000, is now installed at the school’s test center. In nights, the robot disinfects the entire test center which means, that both students and staff daily starts their day in a bacterium -and virus free test center.

When the robot was installed our development, team descided to pack their suitcases and relocate at the school also. We saw an opportunity to get a lot of reactions and interactions from a bunch of different user groups. And it became a huge success.

We are so grateful for the opportunity given by the school gave us. We also want to say a big thank you to Service Manager John, for meeting us with an open, curious, and flexible mindset. It meant that we after 14 days went back home with our suitcases filled with exciting new ideas for further development.

We ended the days with our photographer Victor Fink, which resulted in a lot of cool videos and excellent pictures that will be released very soon. Thank you all / Team AU

 #letsdesinfect #desinfectionisthenewnormal

“DMD4000 is a flexible solution for a
wide range of environments”

Funny comments from the development period on HF & VUC Fyn

“It looks like a robot from Star Wars”

“Is it a printer?”

“This is niiice …”

“Is it a vacuum cleaner”

“It’s mega cute”

“Please come inside”

“Can it get me a burrito?”

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Region Syddanmark visit AU

Region Syddanmark visit AU

Herdis Hanghøi, Chairman of the Health and Care Committee, and Bo Libergren, Chairman of the Committee for the Local Health Service, ware last Wednesday visiting Autonomous Units with input to our vision about room disinfection.

We talked about how we as humans define purity from an optical view.
Cleaning is not the same as disinfecting. The difference between cleaning and disinfection has been known in the hospital industry for many years.  It is actually the bacterial level that we optically can NOT see, we as humans, must pay special attention to.

Before the pandemic, we did not spend much Money on hygiene. But at the entrance to the pandemic, we went into a situation where hygiene was crucial and in fact also the only weapon we could use agenst it.

Autonomous Units robot DMD4000, reduces bacterial and viral levels up to 99.9999% – clinical purity. The robot sprays with a dry mist, which does not compromise shadow. It means that, beside disinfecting of all surfaces, it also disinfects keyboards, under the chair, behind the handle, under the drawer, ballpoint pens etc.

Do you want to hear more about how our solution can help you back to a bacteria-reduced work environment – We would like to have a non-binding talk about disinfection in your premises. It can be a virtual talk, but we would also like to come by your company if you prefers.

You can also read more about our solution at . Also we are ready by phone; +45 93 87 22 70



Bo Libergren is a Venstre politician in Region of Southern Denmark and Chairman of the Committee for the Local Health Service.


Herdis Hanghøi is a city council politician in Faarborg-midtfyns municipality, she also sits as Chairman of the Health and Care Committee.

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Welcome Elias

Meet Elias, our new Software consultant

Ellias has a broad experience within artificial intelligence, and combined with his broad knowledge on MiR’s robots, we have no doubt that Elias is just the right software consultant for AU.

AU’s vision is to be a pioneer in intelligent and technological solutions that we can only succeed with by having a strong team on board.

We are happy to assign Elias to the team as a Software consultant where he will combine his knowledge of AI with our DMD4000 solution.

We hope that you will give him a warm welcome.

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Welcome Jonas

Welcome to Jonas, our new Key account.

Jonas is 20 years old and has dedicated his heart to entrepreneurship.

At AU you will meet Jonas in our sales department where he works with great dedication and professionalism to advise you on the best solution.

Besides working at AU, Jonas studies Business Economics – Entrepreneurship and innovation.

It is a pleasure to have Jonas on board at AU, and we hope that you will give him a warm welcome.

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Welcome Sophia

Welcome to Sophia Crone Staats, our new Business and Product Developer

Sophia is 35 and brings several years of experience as business developer and entrepreneur.

Apart from becoming part of AU, Sophia is also finishing her engineering degree as product developer.

At AU you will meet her in our sales department as well as experience her graphic contribution on AU’s social media.

It is a pleasure to have Sophia on board at AU, and we hope that you will give her a warm welcome.

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Press release

Press release

World news from Odense’s robotic cluster

We have reached a great milestone

Autonomous Units is launching a unique patent-pending disinfection robot built on evidence-based Dry Mist Technology. After founding Autonomous Units as recently as August 1st 2020, the team behind the robot company is ready to give the first presentation of their newly developed disinfection robot, DMD4000.

The idea was sparked by the COVID-crisis and an urgent need to prevent cross infection in the high-risk indoor areas.

“Today’s reality calls for a higher level of hygiene and greater protection against the spread of infection,” says managing director of Autonomous Units, Flemming Thinggaard. “Our new disinfection robot was developed in record time in order to improve the general level of sanitation and secure against unnecessary sick leave and potential pandemics.”

DMD4000 is the first of its kind in the market. The robot uses dry mist of hydrogen peroxide – a technology well-known from the laboratory and hospital disinfection, until now seen in manual, staff-operated machines. DMD4000 sets a new standard by autonomously disinfecting offices, fitness centers, schools and institutions during the night.

“Hydrogen peroxide technology guarantees high quality of disinfection based on scientific evidence – in contrast to other known technologies that build on test-based reports, only disinfect visible surfaces and may be harmful to humans,” Flemming Thinggaard elaborates.

High quality top application built for MiR

The new disinfection robot is based on the well-known Funen platform from MiR, a pioneer and a first-mover in the field of collaborative, autonomous mobile robots, where Flemming Thinggaard was engaged from the company’s early start. He has only positive things to say about MiR, both regarding the product’s user-friendliness and the growing global team. And the strong team is what he sees as essential for success.

“I’ve contacted the former design consultant at MiR, Lars Majlund Mørk and the collaboration quickly developed from consultancy to a team effort. Bo Thinggaard has been brought in as the leading software developer. He is an exceptional asset who, in record time, has built a scalable architecture that matches our visions for the future,” says Flemming Thinggaard.

Autonomous Units is dedicated to bringing the robot into the world. The next step is to test the complete setup at the fitness center “God Form” in Ringe on Funen. Here is what owner and center manager, Søren Andersen says: “I am ready for new technology. We are already making a great effort to ensure hygiene. If the robot can prevent the spread of the infection, then the test is a success both for me and the center’s users.”

DMD4000 is expected to be available for sale in the end of 2020, but Autonomous Units is already in close dialogue with customers and distributors.


  • Top application from Autonomous Units is developed for MiR’s autonomous robots and has disinfection capacity for 4000 m3
  • DMD is short for Dry Mist Disinfection Robot – an autonomous robot that fills the room with dry mist consisting of hydrogen peroxide
  • DMD4000 robot is patent-pending and removes up to 99.9999% of harmful pathogens and super-bacteria