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auPingPong Launch

Press Release – 10/9/2023

Danish Innovative Robot Company Launches an Innovative News.

The old saying, “old wine in new bottles,” takes on a new meaning in this case, where it might be more appropriate to say “an old classic on a new robot.”

The Danish robot company, Autonomous Units, in collaboration with their innovation partner, Rosengårdcentret, ECE Denmark, is launching a new interactive robot with a brand-new way of interaction. It’s a game that captures the attention of the younger generation and lets the older generation relive old memories, offering a completely new and innovative opportunity to play against each other using a robot at various difficulty levels.

For approximately 2 years, Rosengårdcentret ECE Denmark has had the mobile robots, Rosa and Roberta, at the center. These robots not only brought recognition and joy to the center’s visitors but also, in the post-COVID era, played a crucial role in promoting good hand hygiene.

Rosa and Roberta have traveled thousands of kilometers among the center’s customers, delighting guests of all ages. Now, Rosa and Roberta have gone back to school to learn a brand-new trick: auPingPong, a two-player game where participants stand on either side of the robot and aim to shoot a ball over to the opponent’s side in a completely new interactive and dynamic version of a classic computer game.

“With this game, we aim to provide the center’s guests with a truly unique experience that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. We also hope to inspire the many possibilities a mobile interactive robot can offer to the creative mind,” says Søren Bjerre, Chief Commercial Officer of Autonomous Units.

“We want to support Rosengårdcentret in attracting more customers to the center – it’s a great opportunity for families to visit the center together and, hopefully, boost the local stores,” concludes Søren Bjerre.

Learn more about the robot and the innovation at and follow our developments on our LinkedIn page.

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