Tested and approved 

Tested and approved

DMD4000 follows all international infection hygiene guidelines, built on the best principals of room disinfection. 

Our technology, the dry mist disinfection vapour combined with the mechanical spray system, is evidence-approved based on Statens Serum Institut (SSI) guidelines by our partner company. We are process of getting it officially verified for our total solution which will improve us being EN 17272 compliant to EN 17272 certified which we consider a formality as the only difference is that we have applied an autonomous robot under the well known disinfection technology. The focal point for DMD4000 is to secure technology that results in better disinfection than, for instance, the UV light and ozone technology.

H202 (hydrogen peroxide) is distributed in the room via 3 nozzles to ensure disinfection in all hidden spots. This enables DMD4000 to secure up to Log 6 degree of clinical purity of 4000 m3. Furthermore, our disinfection vapour, is approved at EU level via ECHA and the competent Danish Body. For more information about the quality  assurance regarding Hydrogenperoxide from Statens Serum Institut, please consult part 2.6.1 in the national guidelines here (Guidelines in Danish). . 

The following 8 research articles describe the evidence behind DMD4000 technology. 

1: Impact of environmental decontamination using hydrogen peroxide 

2: Cambridge hospital epidemiology article about hydrogen-peroxide

3: Most vegetative bacteria and spores tested

4: A programmable device providing a dry fume

5: Virucidal efficacy of hydrogen peroxide

6: Health care associated infection remain a major cause of patient morbidity and mortality

7: Hydrogen peroxide vapour inactivation of adenovirus 

8: Hydrogen peroxide vapor decontamination of an intensive care unit

DMD4000 is tested and approved   
The DMD4000 robot is risk assessed in collaboration with Danish Technological Institute, and is approved for use indoors. DMD4000 is also compliant with EN17272:2020 standard and ensures disinfection at internationally recognized high levels for bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores control.

CE GODKENDT – The robot is CE, EN1525 & ANSI B56.5 CleanroomCertified (ISO Class 4)