Career Job- developer

Full Stack developer for the extremely relevant intersection between Pandemic Prevention and Robotics (Occupied position)

If you can check off 1 or more of the following, you might be exactly the one we are looking for:

  • Experience with programing in C# / .NET
  • Experience with programing in Phython
  • Experience in Software architecture built in container structure
  • Experience with or knowledge about Redis event bus
  • Strong Experience with Rest API integration
  • Knowledge about google go
  • Knowledge about release structure and jira bitbucket (or equivalent)
  • Want to be part of a great start-up team


You will get an unique opportunity to lead and drive the creation and development of the company´s software platform for the Robot DMD4000. This will include programming frontend, SQL data base and much more back-end software There will be a significant element of hands-on programming, testing and implementation. As information sharing and knowledge exchange are turbocharged when face-to-face, it will be a necessity for you to also spend time with the company just south of Odense. Furthermore, your English as well as Danish skills needs to be Good as both languages will be in use.

Autonomous Units is an early-stage growth company with a strong foundation in the Odense Robotics Cluster and a vision for utilizing disease prevention as a mean to allow the world to safely return to the “new normal”. Autonomous Units are building on the core robotic technologies combined with well known technologies from the healthcare sector to create new blue ocean type solutions post COVID-19. Our solutions are highly innovative and could potentially be used in many different sectors.  Furthermore, the company naturally has great scaling potentially especially internationally. The company´s founder and management team holds strong international commercial and technical experience from well known industries and companies and can therefore provide a great learning opportunity for the right candidate.

If you are interested, please reach out, e.g. by submitting a resume, a short video or simply get in contact with us under or via LinkedIn.

Flemming Thinggaard (CTO)

Autonomous Units ApS