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New Investor

Danish robotics company is stepping up its game with fresh capital and strengthens its ownership group with one of Odense’s major robotics investors.

Autonomous Units is receiving new capital from existing investors as well as by adding a new significant investor from Funen. This strategic expansion supports the company’s ambitions for further growth and international expansion.


Nearly four years ago, Flemming Thinggaard launched Autonomous Units from a modest garage project. The following year, Søren Bjerre and Karsten Thinggaard joined as co-founders. Today, the company has evolved into a leading innovator in the delivery of service and infotainment robots, with specialized solutions particularly suited for sectors like healthcare, airports, exhibition centers, and shopping centers.


The recent capital increase with Vejle-based Hands-on Mikrofond, along with several major investors from the environment around this fund, and the addition of Robot-investor Søren Juul as a co-owner, strengthens the company’s financial and strategic position. “Autonomous Units is an exciting company with global and scalable potential. Focusing on the good customer experience using collaborative robots aligns very well with the other investments I have made,” explains Søren Juul Jørgensen from Juul Holding, who knows Flemming Thinggaard from their shared time at MIR.


The company’s first product area, disinfection robots, continues to evolve and be used in the healthcare sector, with the DMD4000 robot in operation at institutions like Bispebjerg Hospital. The infotainment robots, called Gallery, are already making their mark in public spaces in both Denmark and Germany, and the company is working on expanding their presence globally.

“I am very proud that what started nearly 4 years ago as a garage project has now become an established company. We have also succeeded in gradually moving beyond the country’s borders,” Flemming Thinggaard says and continues:

“The potential for service robots is huge and they are on the verge of a major breakthrough. In these fast changing environments, collaborative robots like AMR have a special strength.”

In connection with the capital increase, there will be changes in the daily management, as Karsten Thinggaard continues in a more advisory role in the company’s Advisory Board. Flemming Thinggaard will continue as managing director and Søren Bjerre in the commercial role.

Figure 1 - Gallery is the Company's Infotainment robot that can interact with people in shopping centres, airports, retail chains and at fairs. You can play on the robot, find your way or view various other content and advertisements.
Figure 2 - DMD4000 is the firms Desinfectant robot, which is able to disinfect hospital wards, laboratories in the pharma industri, as well as production in the food industri.
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Presidents Summit 24

🚨 Exciting Opportunity 🚨

President Summit 24 is just around the corner – an event tailored for Danish and global business elites.💡✨

Want to introduce your company to these executives and establish valuable connections? 🚀

We’ve got an extraordinary offer for you – advertise on a Danish innovative self-driving robot that generates 8-10 times more exposure than traditional stationary displays.

📣 Limited spots available
📣 Get 30 views pr. hour in 2 days
📣 Includes conference access
🟢Just 8,500 DKK,

Reach out to Søren Bjerre at 📞+45 23 89 56 90 or 📧 to seize this opportunity.

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R-24 Competition

🎉 And the winner is 🎉

🤖🎉 We’re thrilled to announce that 99% of all participants in our competition at R-24 reported sighting the robot named, Gallery! 🎉🤖

A huge thank you to everyone who participated. Your enthusiasm and engagement made this event truly special. 🙌

Congratulations to Leah Mikkelsen
from Akademikernes A-kasse, who emerged victorious and will be receiving the award – Fyns Bedste brunsviger hashtagStubs! 🏆 We hope you enjoy your well-deserved recognition which you have chosen to share with your colleagues today 🙌🎊

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and future events!

#RRR-24#Competition hashtagRobotics hashtagSuccess 🚀

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Mathias done

🚀🌟 A heartfelt thank you, Mathias Hansen, for your outstanding dedication and contribution! 🌟🚀

Your efforts have not only fueled positivity but also exemplified agility and perseverance. Today marks furthermore the launch of new software, a project you played a significant role in shaping. 🎉

Thank you for your invaluable input and commitment. We’re excited about the journey ahead and eagerly anticipate continuing to collaborate with you. Let’s keep pushing boundaries together!

Now it is time for Easter-party in the company. 🐣🐣

Mathias finish
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CE marking

The top priority for Autonomous Units ApS is ensuring the happiness and safety of our hashtagcustomers. With over +12,000 safe kilometers covered in customer environments over the past year, this commitment is well-established 🛞🤖

While consistently enhancing the hashtagsafety and hashtagcompliance features of our CE-marked robot, we’re finalising first step of our collaborative journey with some of the finest compliance experts in Denmark and globally, focusing on cobot safety for our hashtagGallery robot. The project resulted in highly satisfactory outcomes and evaluations at the Danish Teknologisk Institut. To commemorate this achievement, a well-deserved project hashtagcelebration dinner took place with the compliance group👏🏼🍽️

A heartfelt thank you for the fantastic hashtagcollaboration and the enjoyable celebration hours, Kasper Camillus Jeppesen
and Klaus Lohals Meier

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auPingPong Launch

Press Release – 10/9/2023

Danish Innovative Robot Company Launches an Innovative News.

The old saying, “old wine in new bottles,” takes on a new meaning in this case, where it might be more appropriate to say “an old classic on a new robot.”

The Danish robot company, Autonomous Units, in collaboration with their innovation partner, Rosengårdcentret, ECE Denmark, is launching a new interactive robot with a brand-new way of interaction. It’s a game that captures the attention of the younger generation and lets the older generation relive old memories, offering a completely new and innovative opportunity to play against each other using a robot at various difficulty levels.

For approximately 2 years, Rosengårdcentret ECE Denmark has had the mobile robots, Rosa and Roberta, at the center. These robots not only brought recognition and joy to the center’s visitors but also, in the post-COVID era, played a crucial role in promoting good hand hygiene.

Rosa and Roberta have traveled thousands of kilometers among the center’s customers, delighting guests of all ages. Now, Rosa and Roberta have gone back to school to learn a brand-new trick: auPingPong, a two-player game where participants stand on either side of the robot and aim to shoot a ball over to the opponent’s side in a completely new interactive and dynamic version of a classic computer game.

“With this game, we aim to provide the center’s guests with a truly unique experience that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. We also hope to inspire the many possibilities a mobile interactive robot can offer to the creative mind,” says Søren Bjerre, Chief Commercial Officer of Autonomous Units.

“We want to support Rosengårdcentret in attracting more customers to the center – it’s a great opportunity for families to visit the center together and, hopefully, boost the local stores,” concludes Søren Bjerre.

Learn more about the robot and the innovation at and follow our developments on our LinkedIn page.

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Exciting News Alert! 🥁📣

Would you like to be among the first to interact through a game on a robot? Join us at Rosengårdcentret tomorrow at 4 pm.

Tomorrow marks the momentous day when we unveil a groundbreaking method of engaging with your customers. In collaboration with our innovation partner, ECE Danmark / Rosengårdcentret, we are launching a fresh loyalty concept that promises novel shopping experiences, blending cutting-edge robotics with gaming.

But, rest assured, we won’t keep you waiting until tomorrow – catch a sneak peek in the video below.

See you at Rosengårdcentret on Friday at 4 pm.

Stay tuned! 🚀