Clinical purity - Efficient virus prevention - Safe working environment

Virus – bacteria – pandemic are all words that are prominent among both the companies and their employees. Our attention is highly focused on hygiene, but also on how we can ensure a more efficient virus prevention. With this increased focus, the employees’ demands for a safe and disease-free working environment are growing.

Choosing the DMD4000 solution, will help your company fulfill these demands. DMD4000 prevents all top 20 most commonly known viruses, bacteria and other disease related causes of sick leave. When a company’s surroundings are kept bacteria free and the local environment is neutralized daily, the number of sick days is significantly reduced.

“My opinion is that we will use robots going forward”


The Robot does the difference for us that it makes it easier. We do not need to transport the machine. The logistics is better. Our employess are good at using it, and they are happy to use it.
– Anne Abildgaard Boserup Lundsmark, Quality and working eviroment coordinator at Bispebjerg Hospital

“The robot makes it extremely easy”


It is an easy solution, because it doesn’t need any attention.  Hygiene is very important to us and it makes us feel safe that the robot tends to anything we cannot see. This assures our staff and customers that there is no risk of infection in case sick customers have been inside.
– Mette Branch Director of Fynske Bank Nyborg

“If I can avoid 2-3 influenzas a year and just do my job, because the room is neutralized during the night, then we have come a long way”

Good hygiene is important because I want to take care of both my employees and my members.
DMD4000 goes everywhere we cannot access manually.
– Søren from GOD FORM

SOS service – in urgent need of disinfection?

DMD4000 is at your disposal when you need immediate help. Are you in urgent need of disinfection? Please do not hesitate to contact us at tel: +45 93 87 22 70. Our disinfection robot is designed to increase the general level of hygiene and secure against unnecessary sick leave and potential pandemics.

"DMD4000 is a flexible solution for a wide range of environments"

  • Workplace
    Offices, canteens, bathrooms etc.
  • Hotels and restaurants
    Rooms, common areas, canteens, kitchens etc.
  • Institutions
    School environments, day care and social clubs
  • Hospitals, clinics, elder care
    Laboratories, common areas, living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, waiting rooms and assistive devices
  • Sport and fitness
    Dressing rooms, fitness rooms and equipment
  • Airports, factories and similar
    Assembly line, stock, payment and check-in areas, disinfection in flight transit

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